Aura Light delivers sustainable street lighting to city of Stuttgart


The lighting company Aura Light has signed a delivery contract with EnBW (Energie Baden-Wüttemberg). The contract is for delivery of Long Life street lighting to City of Stuttgart in Germany.


The chosen lamps for the street lighting are HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lamps in Long Life version and they will be installed in Stuttgart, a large city in Germany which is the provincial capital of Baden Württemberg. The delivery started in January 2012 and the lamps range from 50 to 400 Watt.

– We are happy that Energie Baden-Württemberg chose Aura also for the street lighting in Stuttgart. Together, we will strive to make Stuttgart a greener and more sustainable city. Aura Light helps to reduce the costs and CO2-emissions, says Frank Veldhoven, Regional Manager Aura Light Central.

EnBW is the third largest energy company in Germany, responsible for the street lighting of the whole City of Stuttgart.

Stockholm, 5 April 2012
Aura Light International AB


For more information, please contact:

  • Gunilla Danström, VP Marketing Director, Aura Light International AB
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  • Ida Lidwall, Press Officer, Aura Light International AB
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