Ängelholms hospital uses Aura Lunaria

The goal for Ängelholm hospital is to contribute to a sustainable development and to promote good health and support a healthy living environment. The hospital’s operations will make exemplary selection of environmentally friendly technologies.



The low profile ceiling grid was a key factor
Christer Hansson, service coordinator at Caverion Sweden AB, works with the lighting of the Health City and chose to install Aura Lunaria , 45 W in one of the corridors at Ängelholm hospital . ”The LED panels are installed in a narrow ceiling with highly technical installations. The fact that Aura Lunaria takes has low profile ceiling grid was a big plus for us, ” says Chris.

Feels like daylight
The reason why Caverion and Hälsostaden choose Aura Light LED panels were, apart from the fact that they have a low profile ceiling grid, because of the good light quality. ”Both staff and visitors experience this as daylight, which is very positive,” says Christer.

Energy efficient solution
Hälsostaden saves about 40% energy with Aura Lunaria in comparison to the previously used lighting solution. Hälsostaden has clear environmental goals, which makes the energy efficiency an important factor when choosing new lighting. The first step to modernise the hospital was to replace the lighting in the corridors.

About Aura Light
Aura Light develops and supplies sustainable lighting solutions to professional customers, enabling them to reduce cost, energy consumption and environmental impact. Aura Light is acknowledged for long lifetime, high quality and energy reduction, where our lighting solutions can reduce the energy consumption by up to 80 percent.

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