Vasakronan uses Aura Quick Change Long Life


Vasakronan is one of Sweden’s largest property companies, focusing on commercial and residential properties in attractive and central locations in Stockholm, Uppsala, Gothenburg, Malmö and Lund. Vasakronan have chosen to install Aura Quick Change fixtures in the parking garages at Nacka strand because of the easy installation and the long lifetime.



Durable fixture with a long life

Vasakronan has chosen to install Aura Quick Change fixtures in the parking garages at Nacka Strand.

“Car parks need a durable fixture, so we chose Aura Quick Change fixtures. It was the service life above all that led to our decision,” says Richard Betulander, Technical Manager for Nacka Strand.

Aura Quick Change Long Life is specifically designed for harsh environments with dust, dirt and moisture and has a lifetime warranty of five years. A major advantage of the fixture is that it is easy to install and replace.

“Thanks to the Quick Change fixture, less time is spent on maintenance, so we can save time and money,” says Richard Betulander.

Long cooperation

Vasakronan is an eco-certified company and is working to reduce energy use as much as possible. Cooperation with Aura Light, which has lasted for almost eight years, facilitates this environmental work.

“Aura Light’s eco-friendly Long Life fluorescent lamps are a perfect fit for our needs. Our purchasing department has compared Aura with other suppliers’ offerings and prices and found that Aura Light is the best choice,” concludes Richard Betulander.